Condizioni di viaggio

All passengers are obliged to respect following terms and conditions, in order to ensure a safe, regular service.


You can get on and off the coach only at authorised stops along the coach route, when the coach is not moving.
If the stop is on request passengers must show their intention to get on or get off the coach:
to get on, you must be at the bus stop. To get off you must say so in time to the driver.
When the maximum amount of travellers on the coach is reached, no one can be admitted on board.


Booking of this service is ONLY ONLINE within 2 days before departure. Before getting on board, passengers must buy a regular travel ticket from authorized shops or from the coach driver.
The travel ticket must be stamped as soon as on board. If the stamping machine does not work, the passenger must inform the coach driver and show them the travel ticket.
Passengers with a season ticket must show it to the coach driver before getting on the coach.
Season tickets are valid only if used in conjunction with the photo card, whose number must be written on the season ticket.
Travel tickets must be complete and readable for the whole journey, as it is an official receipt note for fiscal purposes.
Tickets are not refundable, even when not stamped.
Tickets are strictly personal and non-transferable. Upon request, travellers are obliged to show them to authorized staff at any time.
In case of journey disruption -for force majeure- or delay -for any reason whatsoever– no reimbursement can be requested.


No unaccompained children below age 12 allowed; special fee for children below 12.


One luggage transport (max 10/15kg) and one personal handbag or pc bag are included in the fee. For special items, different from what you selected during the reservation an additional regular fee will be charged.
The transportation of small pets, is at choice of the Company and only by request before the booking online, the Company have the power to accept and place conditions or deny totaly the transportation.


passengers must not:
a) smoke (Law n. 584/75) and disturb;
b) use more than one seat and stand in the aisle or next to the doors while the coach is moving;
c) sell or advertise any product or service without the carrier’s consent;
d) loiter, damage or tamper with bus parts or equipment;
e) get on the coach while drunk or on drugs;
f) misuse the emergency door opening button.
Passengers must follow staff announcements and indications, in order to ensure a safe, regular service.
Passengers must use all seats and remain seated for the whole journey, until the coach stops.
The carrier cannot be held responsible for any consequence deriving from the disrespect for the instructions above.


Public timetable is subject to change at any time. Any variation will be made public through a notice at the stops and in authorised stores. The client understands that during the transfer, the shuttle may effect short detours or stops in order to pick up or drop off other passengers, or may effect change of vehicle during the trip. The carrier cannot be held responsible for any consequence arising from delays, missed connections, and any circumstance beyond its control.


Passengers without a regular travel ticket are subject to a fine fixed by regional laws.
Passengers not behaving according to the prescriptions above will not be accepted aboard.
They can be obliged to get off the coach before the end of the journey and may be subject to prosecution.


Found objects on the coach will be deposited at:
Autoservizi Silvestri S.r.l. Via Dala Gesa 265/E


All complaints can be made by post at:
Autoservizi Silvestri S.r.l. Via Dala Gesa 265/E – Phone +39 0342 996283 –


Coach service may be subject to alterations on 25th December.
Please note: these regulations are published according to the rules set up by competent regional offices.

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